Websites in India Put a Bit of Choice Into Arranged Marriages

The show, which has generated a lot of buzz online, follows Sima Taparia, a high-profile matchmaker from Mumbai who sets couples up with prospective matches. While the show has triggered a debate on sexism, colourism and racism, it has managed to throw the spotlight on the age-old Indian custom of arranged marriage. Over the last two decades, several Bollywood films and reality TV shows have explored the concept of arranged marriages in their own way and have done justice to the theme. The show is about the central figure, Aneela Rahman, a Glasgow based British-Asian marriage arranger, who gets her family and friends to network together and find the perfect partner for the contestants in a four-week period. The episodes end with updates on how the matches are or not getting on. The show lasted only one season and had five episodes. Dimpy from Kolkata went on to win the show and married Mahajan in a televised ceremony. The two, however, split next year and filed for divorce soon after.

Matrix of arranged marriage

I was in the middle of an editorial meeting at the newspaper I worked for in when it came out of nowhere: an overwhelming sense of fear, the trembling hands, the absolute certainty that my heart was going to burst out of my chest. It would be years before I understood that what I had experienced that day — and would on three subsequent occasions — was a panic attack. I was 24, and just two hours before, my parents had called to ask me to be home on time that night.

I had no intention of watching it. I had been there, done that, gotten the T-shirt and made a bonfire from it.

Arranged or otherwise, marriage in modern India continues to be bound by rigid Indian Matchmaking,Netflix,Patriarchy An online survey of 10, respondents across cities and towns by YouGuv-Mint-CPR found that.

Let me tell you our story of love. Read more. I got an interest in my Shadi. Then I got called by her family. Later on we noticed that we are from same hometown. Its love marriage arranged by Shadi. Thanks Shadi. Ours is an arranged marriage but I would not agree because I fell in love with her with every day passing. Since the day i. I mate my life partner on Shaadi. While I create my profile, he is the one who sent 1st request. He is so much good heart, gentlemen.

Indian matchmaker TV series stokes debate on arranged marriages

And on social media, there is a raging storm over sexism, casteism, colourism and other isms. After all, alliances are not between individuals, but families. The son, no surprise, is looking for someone like mummy. And yet, IM underplays the seedier underbelly of the marriage market.

What makes a show like ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ possible? In recent times, the arranged marriage system has received some flak from different quarters. “It is a Despite stiff competition from online portals, these bureaus are.

The Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia delivers this meme-friendly one-liner in the seventh episode of the hit Netflix series Indian Matchmaking. But she departs from this well-worn model in her attention to one extra characteristic: caste. This silent shadow hangs over every luxurious living room she leads viewers into. She lumps an entire social system, which assigns people to a fixed place in a hierarchy from birth, together with anodyne physical preferences.

This prejudiced treatment includes, but is hardly limited to, workplace discrimination in the United States. For example, the state of California sued the tech company Cisco in June for allegedly failing to protect a Dalit employee from discrimination by his higher-caste Brahmin managers.

Unless You’re Brown, ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Is Not Yours to Criticize

Netflix docu-series Indian Matchmaking ends with a montage of happy, elderly couples in a bid to validate the concept of arranged marriage. Married for decades, these couples, especially women, seemingly, had no say in choosing their partners and unquestioningly agreed to what their parents wanted. In India, men and women are expected to get married when they reach a certain age as there is a fear that they would not find the right partner, or no partner at all, as they grow older.

It is , but the perception still holds true across caste, class and communities. The biological clock, of course, has a role to play in the institution that largely bases itself on procreation so as to continue the lineage. However, with men and women becoming more vocal about their choices, arranged marriage in India has been witnessing an evolution of sorts.

However, it is not an easy one, as Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking would like to make it look. Unlike Raghu, Samantha decided to take the online route. When we think about arranged marriage as the opposite of love.

It has also put the spotlight on reality shows and how they spin a particular narrative at the cost of others. The show seems to be tailor-made for a western audience and portrays arranged marriages in a positive way while underplaying issues of casteism, misogyny and heteronormativity. At the centre of the show is matchmaker Sima Taparia, whose clients include well-off Indians living in the USA or in cosmopolitan cities across India. While the themes are similar, A Suitable Girl offers a nuanced and realistic take on arranged marriages among middle class Indians.

Taparia and her daughter Ritu feature in A Suitable Girl as Ritu is one of three women whose journeys are profiled in the award-winning documentary. In their study, The Decline of Arranged Marriage? However, the size of many of these changes is modest and substantial majorities of recent marriages still show the hallmarks of arranged marriage.

Is ‘Indian Matchmaking’ realistic? Four UAE couples on how arranged marriages are evolving

These men and women — or boys and girls, as they are referred to in Indian society, perhaps to reinforce their youth and innocence — of Indian origin are in their 20s and 30s, living in India and the US. Credit: Netflix. Indian Matchmaking just takes this concept further.

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Indian Matchmaking shows picky individuals with a long list of demands that centre around caste, height and skin colour. A new Netflix show about an Indian matchmaker catering to the high demands of potential brides and grooms, and their parents, has stoked an online debate about arranged marriages in the country. The eight-part series, Indian Matchmaking, premiered on Netflix last week and is currently among its top-ranked India shows.

It features Sima Taparia, a real-life matchmaker from Mumbai, who offers her services to families in India and abroad. The show has become the subject of memes, jokes, and criticism, about the pickiness of the potential spouses and their parents, with long lists of demands centring around factors like caste, height or skin colour. Indian Matchmaking isn’t just about the liberal colorist and sexist fabric South Asian cultures are steeped in.

Netflix show on India’s arranged marriages triggers online debate

Her task was to go onto the stage and introduce herself to around 70 eligible bachelors and their parents. At midday girls would wait for prospects to swing by, again with parents on either side. If the two sides hit it off, they would exchange copies of their horoscopes. Nearly 50 men lined up to meet Ashwini that day, speed-dating style.

No one made the cut.

Not Just ‘Indian Matchmaking‘, These 7 Reality Shows & Films Celebrate Arranged Marriages. ET Online|. Updated: 22 Jul , PM IST. Matchmakers’.

Despite it focusing on a practice that could be seen as archaic and almost out of place in , it was a hit among people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. For those who had never heard of biodatas, star charts and the very concept of arranged marriage, it was maybe a morbid curiosity that got them deeply involved in the exploits of matchmaker Sima Taparia from Mumbai. The quest of its participants to find everlasting love amid the constraints of culture was played out for everyone to see, judge and make memes about.

But this is a reality that many young people face in India and other South Asian countries, where family comes first, second and third. So, does old school matchmaking still work? Can it be used to find true love? Does it have a place in our world today? For the longest period of my life, I thought my parents had a traditionally arranged marriage. In my teen years I pieced together information casually dropped sarcastically by relatives and realised that it was not!


Updated : 26 days ago. If you scoff at the very thought of arranged marriage and what all it entails, and consider it to be the most regressive concept on the earth; read no further. Moreover, you will be able to relate to this bunch of young men and women on the lookout for life partners. So women like Sima aunty, become as important as tying the nuptial knot. The series fleshes out a microcosm of Indian society, the upper class, both in India and foreign lands where despite dating apps and websites, Sima aunty has both rationale and reason to exist.

Apr 24, – While Indian parents still take the lead in arranging marriages, many Article: Online Matchmaking Adds a Twist to Arranged Marriages in India​.

Once the Indian Matchmaking series aired, nobody could keep calm. But on the flip-side, the show ends on a high with the cutest couples celebrating growing old together, most of them having been married for over 30 years—all arranged. Finding a trusted matchmaker in India can be a task of its kind. What one must ensure before anything else is:. Do a research on prospective matchmakers you are willing to consult for your arrangement.

A critical and a thorough investigation will point out if the matchmaking bureau is legitimate or not. Ask for references from friends and family; they will always provide trustworthy reviews. Try finding a consultant who is based in and around your locality or is at least, in your city. This would make meeting in person possible, which would further enhance your understanding of how the matchmaker works. A look into their previous client base would enable you to figure out the kind of families they are used to dealing with, and the caliber of profiles they have.

Arranged Marriage – matchmaking, chemistry & compatibility

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